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Our response to Coronal Virus, COVID 19 in Tanzania

The Coronal Virus COVID-19, continues to spread globally and has reached countries including Tanzania with weak health systems that are less prepared to combat the disease. As the foundation committed to protect poor population against diseases we have a unique opportunity to play an active role in efforts to protect the most vulnerable communities during a pandemic. To that end, we have approved some ways to support vulnerable populations both in our community and the country. These ways include:

We are providing assistance to people living in coronavirus-affected communities, and in some instances, cases are already within our areas of operation. We are working to train our staff and volunteers on the virus so that they can be cognizant of their own health and protect themselves. We are also putting a plan in place to ensure that, even if/when the virus spreads more widely in the areas we operate in, our ongoing lifesaving work can continue safely, as much as possible.

We are working to ensure people are aware of how to protect themselves from the disease and know where to seek support if they become ill or suspect that they have contact with corona disease chain.

The Nitibu foundation is increasing the number of hand-washing stations around our programming sites and distributing key information about the disease to the communities we serve. We are using our volunteers, radio, spotlight, radios and local televisions to share COVID-19 information with vulnerable populations and ensure they know how to protect themselves, the signs and symptoms of the disease and where to seek support if they fall in.

Because Our foundation works in remote, rural and slums where COVID 19 awareness is still the challenge because of different tribes with their local languages, The foundation uses its local volunteers to create COVID 19 awareness in southern local communities and slums using their tribal mother languages. Our teams are running information sessions to demonstrate best practices in hygiene, communicating symptoms, when to go to report to medical personnel, and when to self-isolate


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